# Types

# ZkSyncTransaction

Every transaction that is passed into zkSyncBatchCheckout or estimateBatchFee should adhere to the following interface:

interface ZkSyncTransaction {
  // If the address specified differs from the one that the
  // user logs in to zkSync with, the user will be asked to re-login
  from?: string;
  to: string;
  token: TokenLike;
  amount: string;
  semanticType?: 'Transaction' | 'FeeOrCommission';
  description?: string;
  • from — this field contains the Ethereum address of the transaction sender. The field can be omitted since the user has to log in to zkSync before continuing the checkout process. But if this field is specified and the account from which the user logs in to zkSync differs from any of the from fields of the transactions, the zkSync checkout page will notify the user about that and will ask her to log in to the appropriate account.
  • to — this field contains the Ethereum address of the recipient of the transaction.
  • token — the symbol of the token in which the transaction will be done.
  • amount — the number of tokens in wei to be transferred.
  • semanticType — semantic type of the transaction, it is used to help the zkSync checkout popup provide better UX. For instance, if your website collects fees in a certain transaction, you should set semanticType to 'FeeOrCommission'. The default value is 'Transaction'.

Note that if you set semanticType to 'FeeOrCommission' then you also MUST provide a non-empty description. If you don't, the checkout will fail with RECEIVED_INVALID_DATA_ERROR.

  • description — the transaction description. For now, it is only used when semanticType is set to 'FeeOrCommission', and is ignored otherwise.

# TokenLike

Just a string. Has a special type name to clarify that the string should be equal to a token's symbol.

type TokenLike = string;

# EthereumNetwork

The type which specifies an Ethereum network.

type EthereumNetwork = 'goerli' | 'mainnet';