# Wallets

# What Ethereum wallets does zkSync support?

Generally, you can safely send funds to any Ethereum address (even to exchanges and smart contracts). The owner of this address will always be able to claim the funds.

The up-to-date list of the Ethereum wallets that you can control from the zkSync web wallet can be found directly on its homepage (opens new window).

To control an address programmatically, all you need to is to be able to sign a message with it — either with native Ethereum signature, or via EIP1271 (opens new window) in case of smart contracts. Learn more in the developer guide.

# What if my wallet is not supported or can't sign messages?

Owners of some Ethereum addresses cannot use zkSync directly for various reasons:

  • wallet not supported yet in the web interface;
  • an address belongs to an exchange;
  • an address belongs to a smart contract without EIP1271 (opens new window) support.

In such cases, you can always withdraw funds from an L2 zkSync account to the same address in L1. The protocol allows this because the security invariant is not violated: funds never change the owning hand. It requires that the account have never registered a zkSync public key before.

If you need to withdraw your funds from such an account, please use the following tool for alternative withdrawals. Please note, that for the tool to be able to withdraw funds from your account, all of the following must be true:

  • The account is at least 24 hours old.
  • The account has never been unlocked (i.e. nonce is zero).
Last Updated: 5/27/2024, 10:10:43 AM